You might enjoy mogul skiing if you have a lot of stamina and strong legs. Moguls is a freestyle skiing sport that consists of a single-timed run of free skiing on a steep, strongly mogulled (bumpy) course that emphasizes technical turns, aerial maneuvers, and speed.

The judging for the Moguls category varies. Participants’ points are determined by how successfully they executed technical spins over the bumps, the precision and difficulty of the tricks they performed on the larger bumps or purpose-built jumps, and how quickly they completed the course. Although picking the winner might be difficult for the untrained eye, the event is generally highly entertaining to witness for everyone.


Aerials are similar to Big Air, a jump-based competition for freestyle skiers and snowboarders. On the other hand, aerials are just for skiers and entail participants launching themselves from big jumps and completing precise techniques in the air, such as flips and horizontal twists. The participants are scored on their take-off, execution, and landing, much like Big Air.


Athletes compete in Slopestyle Ski events by skiing down a course with various obstacles or features, such as rails, jumps, and other terrain park elements, ranging from quarter pipes to rollers. The take-offs, executions, spins, rotations, and landings of the tricks performed on the features are assessed.


A halfpipe, often known as a superpipe, is a 22-foot-high U-shaped course. The halfpipe is traversed by skiers who do various stunts on both walls of the pipe. Participants are graded on the execution and complexity of the tricks they do, similar to slopestyle.

Cross-country skiing

Motocross has a strong influence on Ski Cross. The event sees competitors attain speeds faster than any other Freestyle Skiing discipline, and it can be quite entertaining to watch.

Typically, four skiers start together at the top of a one-kilometer specially created downhill course, then race side by side down the path through jumps, banked high bends, and rollers.

Any deliberate contact with other participants throughout the race may result in disqualification. In most races, the first two finishers advance to the next round.

A lot of air

Big Air entails skiers taking off a single large jump, performing a technical feat in mid-air, and landing on an all-snow landing. The style, execution, and complexity of the trick performed by the participants are assessed and scored.


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