Advice for Buying Skis

So you are looking for new ski equipment but you need to know a little bit more about them first. It’s a good idea to know what size skis you will need. Most of the skis are offered at length and if you buy online it is always helpful to know what brand is comfortable for you before you choose a partner.

The Absolute Guide to Buying Skis

So you are looking for new skis but you need to know a little bit more about them first. It’s a good idea to know what size skis you will need. Most of the skis are offered at length and if you buy online it is always helpful to know what brand is comfortable for you before you choose a partner. The great thing about buying online is that you can find almost any ski you want at an affordable price. Where can you buy skis online? You can always find a good online shop with a great selection of skis. The important thing to remember is no matter where you get your skis you have to check to make sure it is a reliable source.

Tips for buying skis

There are some helpful tips for choosing your new pair of skis. First you have to know that there are different types of skis. You may want powder, expert or performance skiing. Expert skis are designed for those who spend most of their time on the slopes while performance skis are designed for softer snow conditions. You want to look at skis for their flexibility and balance features. You also don’t want a pair of skis that aren’t in good shape so you should make sure you research skis before you buy them. You also have to consider, what type of skier you are. You may need to purchase skis based on your age group or ski ability. For example, you might race so you would buy skis that are good for racing.

Best Skiing in Espace Killy

Want to book a last minute ski vacation in France? Head to Espace Killy to take advantage of the resort areas of Tignes and Val d’Isère.

If you’re sorting out the variety of last-minute ski vacations on offer, why not consider the southwestern French region in and around the Tarentaise Valley? Not only is this region in the heart of the French Alps, it is also connected to the largest ski network in Europe. So, if you decide you want to tackle a different slope each day on your last minute ski vacation, it shouldn’t be a problem! Just hop on the bus, gondola or funicular and in no time you’ll be able to explore all the nearby slopes, still comfortably getting home easily.

If you book a vacation to ski at Espace Killy, you’ll have the option of staying in or around the two fabulous resorts of Tignes and Val d’Isère. This is what you can expect if you do.


Tignes is an excellent choice for a last minute ski holiday because not only does it have a large selection of slopes, it also has a fair amount of history too. Initially, it was just a small mountain village, but after World War II the area needed electricity so a large dam was built. This submerged the original village (planned event) so that it had to be completely rebuilt. The modern incarnation sees the region divided into five different villages, all of which are ideal for a great winter holiday.

The actual Tignes resort area was created in the 1960s, and in 1992 it hosted the Olympic Free-Styling event that year. It was also home to the Paralympics that same year.

Tignes offers a variety of slopes suitable for all skill levels. It is located on the Grande Motte Glacier and, as such, is able to offer year-round skiing. The high slopes are up to 3456 meters so there is good coverage, but the resort also has plenty of snow cannons to make sure no one returns home disappointed. Tignes is also home to the fourth longest funicular in the world, which is a great attraction.

Val d’Isère

Located only a few miles from the border with Italy, Val d’Isère is the perfect place to base yourself from exploring the Tarentaise Valley and making the most of the massively connected Three Valleys system. The chalets here are very attractive in terms of their architectural style and, along with the comfort of the resort, this adds to their popularity for last minute ski holidays.

The skiing here is truly exceptional, as evidenced by the fact that it hosted a number of different ski events at the 1992 Olympics.Like Tignes, Val d’Isère’s position near the Pissaillas Glacier helps ensure that there will be good snow coverage on the slopes for last minute ski holiday.

Val d’Isère is perfect for beginners and intermediates with lots of easy to manage slopes, but the region also has a fair amount of challenging off-piste trails for experts. Of course, even for the experienced it is always advisable to use the services of an experienced local guide when heading off-piste.

Tignes or Val d’Isère – the choice is yours! You won’t be disappointed either.

How to Choose the Best Ski Schools in Austria

Why is it important to learn to ski in Austria in a professional school?

Before you go down the slopes alone, make sure you’ve passed the test with the right Austrian ski school with a great instructor. Becoming a great, independent skier is actually quite a long journey. Not only will you learn how to ski at different levels, different terrains, and what equipment you need, you will also learn about the various injuries you can sustain and what to do in such situations. They will also teach you how to prepare your body for the ski vacation of a lifetime. So now that we’ve established that it’s important to attend ski school, let’s look at how you should go about choosing the right ski school in Austria.

How to choose a ski school in Austria?

If you are a beginner, you need a lot of training to ski to the best of your ability. Remove suggestions that your friends have tried to teach you, because this is not enough. You absolutely have to go to ski school because the professional instructors have more experience and knowledge than your peers could ever have. They had spent a lot of time in the snow, and had excellent training. Remember that ski school instructors work every day with different levels of skiers, so they can assess where you are, identify your weaknesses and help you improve your style by working with you.

Next you have to think about your budget. If you are looking for a private instructor, this will definitely cost more than studying in a group. To save some cash, look to the group option more precisely because you will learn just as much.

Find and order online courses from the best ski schools in Austria –

Tips for Choosing a Children’s Ski School

If you are heading to the slopes with your family and you are an experienced skier, we strongly recommend that you keep your kids enrolled in ski school. Child instructors know exactly how to train children because it is their job and this makes them more experienced than you. Another bonus, they’ll have fun with all the other kids while they learn to ski.

Before choosing the right ski class for them ask questions about how their class program works and is organized. How many teachers do they have? How many children are in each group?

It is important that ski schools with children only go on slopes where there is another instructor on hand, as if there is an injury, one teacher can help the injured student and the other teacher can take over supervising the rest of the group.

Ski Holidays

It is true that before going on vacation, a little preparation & amp; planning information can help. Here the aim is to provide you exactly with your ski holiday.

How to ski:

You can easily learn to ski. You don’t even need to know the first thing about skiing, you can literally ski after an hour of instruction.

Most resorts have an on-site ski school, and lessons are reasonably priced. If you have an appointment before arriving at the station, you can study early on their ski holiday.
Ski Instructors can begin to maneuver their equipment.

The first maneuvers you can learn is a plow or snowblower. This is a technique that uses your skis as a snowplow. These techniques are easy and all of them can be learned in an hour.

Now that you are ready to ski, you have to control your speed by plowing the snow – going slow at first.
As a beginner, you should stick to slopes for beginners. In most hotels the track is marked with a green emblem. The blue trail is for intermediate skiers. The black trails are for advanced skiers.

Budget Ski Holidays

When you start thinking about ski holidays, there will be a lot of information about various resorts and packages. Finding a ski vacation that fits your budget can be a challenge.
To save money, you can go for lesser known resorts. Also look for ski vacation packages that will cover your lodging, lift tickets, lessons, rentals, etc.

You can also ask your team of friends instead. Join a group of lessons instead of taking private lessons. Therefore, there are many ways to reduce the cost of your ski trip.

Ski Holidays with Ski Club

There are many types of clubs around the world. Ski clubs are a great way to learn new things about skiing. Ski club members often get more discounts on ski vacation packages.

Ski Holidays – A Pack

If you are going to be traveling for a ski vacation, you should know that you are packed. Because it is also a matter of getting everything you need from your home to your destination.

You can start by knowing what’s available at your destination. There is a rental shop there and how to rent for skis, boots and poles, etc.

There are other options for you. Find out if there are ski shops in the area. You can get prices for ski equipment and ask if they buy used equipment. There may be several shops that buy used equipment.
So, here are some tips for a great ski vacation. We hope this information is used.

Keep Your Skiing Fun and Safe!

Whether you book in advance or at the last minute, ski vacations should always be safe and enjoyable. Here are some of the best tips for enjoying slopes.

Skiing is a hugely popular winter sport, and for good reason: there’s no feeling like sizzling through clean powder snow against a dramatic alpine backdrop, the wind whipping your face as the landscape rushes past you. It can be elegant, adrenaline-pumping and addicting, and takes place in some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world.

However, you should always remember it can be a challenging sport, so here are some tips to ensure you get the most out of your experience, while keeping your chances of injury to an absolute minimum.


Even for those about to embark on a last minute ski holiday, it’s good to set aside as much time as you can to prepare. Have an accurate and realistic view of your own height, weight, age, and skill level (as well as past injuries or relevant medical conditions), and make sure you adjust your ski ties accordingly. A well-adjusted bond keeps your feet comfortable, secure and protected, allowing you to concentrate on your technique.

Consider taking a lesson or two if you haven’t already; the increased self-confidence and greater skills that expert instruction will be given can definitely lead to a decreased incidence of injury. (Even on last-minute ski vacations, beginners should plan to invest in a few lessons.) If you don’t do a lot of physical activity that involves your legs, try to increase your activity level in the weeks leading up to your vacation. Balancing and stabilizing yourself requires a number of subtle, involuntary muscle movements, and if you make sure these muscles are properly exercised before you hit the snow, you’ll find it easier to stay balanced and ski longer.

Senses and Sensibility

There are also plenty of common sense ways to stay prepared during your last minute ski vacation. For example, save alcohol when you’ve finished your day’s skiing and, if you’re overdoing it, consider taking the next morning off.

Don’t be afraid to take rest days if you need them; Your aches and pains will thank you, and you’ll find yourself with more energy when you’re back on the slopes. Plus, a holiday can give you a little breathing room and time to really enjoy the majestic surroundings.

Lastly, don’t feel like you have to push yourself Too hard! If you prefer sticking to the easier pistes, then don’t be shy about doing it, and slow down if you’re more comfortable at slower speeds. Off-piste skiing is not recommended except for experts, but if you intend to give it a try, brush up your knowledge of the surrounding area and weather conditions, and always go with a qualified guide. Less experienced skiers are much better off staying on the pistes.

As long as you take the time to be well prepared and sensible when it comes to your own merits, last minute ski vacations are a fantastic way to take advantage of the colder months by enjoying something active and fun.

Best Skiing in Three Valleys

Book your last minute ski vacation to Three Valleys, and whether you are a beginner or advanced skier, there is a pistes for you.

If you are looking for the ideal place to take a break, the perfect place for any skill is Three Valleys. Located in southeastern France, in the heart of the Alps, Three Valleys has the distinction of being one of the largest ski areas in Europe. The hotel has a large number of resorts to choose from, including Meribel, Courchevel, Val Thorens and many more.

There are lots of great chalets to rent in Three Valleys, and you can quite often get a good deal on a last minute ski holiday. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate level, or ready to hit the toughest slopes (or even go piste), there is a place for you in Three Valleys.


If you’ve always wanted to learn to ski, check out our last-minute ski vacation options to La Tania. This fantastic resort is located at 1400m and is home to the largest ski school in France. Here, you can take lessons, get specialized guidance and understand some skiing or snow boarding. Once you’ve got your ski leg, you can take advantage of the entire Three Valleys with a number of green runs to boost your confidence. You can enjoy different areas while staying at a comfortable level.


Last minute ski holidays to Meribel offer excellent opportunities for intermediate skiers. This is the perfect place to go to rack up mileage on a plethora of blue and red slopes, which will challenge you at the right level. Courchevel is also a great spot for red and blue slopes, so if you want some pistes that are a little more difficult, head to Val Thorens and the surrounding area. If you base yourself here, you’ll be well served by easy greens, reds, and blues to boost your confidence before you’re ready to head down the harder slopes.


There are enough black slopes around the Three Valleys for experts to confidently book a last minute ski holiday to the area. The extremely harsh array of slopes between resort areas will have you covered for weeks. For starters, Meribel’s black slopes are excellent and moguls in high supply, so you can head to Courchevel, where no less than 30 black runs to sink your skis. (Since the Three Valleys are completely interconnected, it’s very easy to get to the next area.) After exhausting all the black slopes, if you’re ready for more challenges, get a good guide and then head to the off-piste uncharted territory! The mountains around Val Thorens are perfect for challenging fresh powder runs at high altitudes.

Three Valleys is perfect for any skill.

The 5 Best Swiss Resorts for Your Next Ski Vacation

Switzerland is famous for its unbeatable alpine ski areas which are visited by people all over the world. With the country’s happy attitude, fresh mountain air and great ski conditions, Switzerland attracts anyone from families to solo travelers to expert skiers. These five charming resorts will be perfect for your next winter vacation.


Just 90 minutes from Geneva Airport, a ski shuttle can take you directly to Villars, a beautiful resort above the Rhone Valley. On the east side of Lake Geneva, you’re guaranteed snow on Glacier 3000 – a run for the more confident skier. There are 125 kilometers of pistes to explore before relaxing in an Edwardian-style chalet or experiencing the bustling nightlife. While this resort is better suited for intermediate skiers, there are plenty of off-piste opportunities if you want something a little more adventurous.

Saas fee

Saas-Fee is located in southwest Switzerland in a traffic-free village lined with quaint wooden cabins. From Geneva Airport, a ski shuttle service can get you to the resort in two and a half hours. In Saas-Fee, you’ll find excellent snowfall on 125 kilometers of pistes. There are opportunities for skiers at every level in all four sectors. The views are magnificent and the traditional architecture gives the resort an authentic feel.


Engelberg’s 1,000-kilometer vertical skiing attracts experts. However, there are 82 kilometers of healthy pistes for those less extreme. Close to Zurich, this resort is in the shadow of the Titlis Massif, which has snow all year round. From Geneva Airport, a ski shuttle service can transport you and your equipment safely to Engelberg in just three hours.


Located four and a half hours from Geneva airport, ski shuttle service to Davos is made possible by Shuttle Direct. While it’s a longer drive, it’s worth it for the 320-kilometer pistes starting from six sectors. It is one of the largest, oldest and most assured snow ski areas in Switzerland. This charming town has some of the best shopping, dining and recreation facilities in the Alps.


Arosa is a beautiful and secluded resort four and a half hours from Geneva Airport. Ski transfers can safely take you to the slopes where you’ll find 70 kilometers of pistes, excellent snow conditions and plenty of runs for both beginners and intermediate skiers. Due to the sheltered slopes, the snow stays late into the ski season giving you lots of choices when to visit.

About Shuttle Direct

The Alps await you and Shuttle Direct will be more than happy to take you to one of these many beautiful ski resorts. Provided with private, shared, or group transfers at a guaranteed low fixed price, there’s no better way to travel to your destination. When ordering online, don’t forget to make it clear that you are traveling with winter gear. The team at Shuttle Direct are professionals in easy travel arrangements and look forward to helping you on your journey.

Ski Out of Season

Whether you’re hitting the slopes next season or hoping to squeeze in the last few minutes of a ski vacation, here’s how to time it.

With the ski season ending in April or May depending on the resort, last minute ski holidays aren’t out of the question. Whether you’re looking for a getaway in the next few weeks, or are leaving for next season, or even looking forward to some summer skiing, here’s our guide to the earliest and newest snow.

End of Season Skiing

For a long ski season, head to the highest resort you can find. Even when booked at the last minute, ski vacations well above sea level often work out as these areas are the coldest and most assured of the snow. Vacations to Val Thorens and Orelle offer abundant snowfall until they close in early May and reopen in November, due to their high altitude locations.

Summer Skiing in the Alps

If you want to ski in the Alps but you’ve missed the season, don’t worry! Even if you’ve decided against Val Thorens at the last minute, ski vacations are available year round at glacial locations. Glaciers are basically enormous rivers of ice. They remain frozen all year round, meaning that the snowfall above them is preserved by the ancient ice below.

The largest ski area in the Alps that remains open in the summer is Zermatt. Also taking the title of Europe’s highest summer ski area, Zermatt offers outstanding glacier skiing and equally stunning views any time of year. If Zermatt isn’t your thing, you’ll find a number of other glaciers in the Alps that are open to skiing outside of normal season.

Beyond the Alps

If you don’t mind venturing further for your ski holiday, you’ll find some brilliant summer skiing elsewhere in the world. Riksgransen, in Sweden, is a particular gem. Not only is the entire area set up as a terrain park, keeping things interesting for those who are not always interested in glacier skiing, but from late May to the resort closure in June you can also expect 24 hours of sunshine. Skiing is available late at night, making Riksgransen a unique place to ski.

For those who like something even more different from the Alps, consider visiting one of the US’s many late-season or year-round ski areas. Mt. Hood, in Oregon, offers year-round skiing as well as the opportunity to dip into the unique US ski culture. It is also worth considering California as a candidate for your ski holiday; most of the United States’ late-opening US ski resorts are here, and these resorts have a fun, surfing atmosphere due to their surfer demographic.